• Q1. What is the difference with an ordinary dentist?

    Most people may think that they will go to the dentist’s when toothaches finally start. Probably, the stereotypical image of a dentist is that he or she drills the patient’s teeth, covers their holes with fillings and cleans their teeth. The materials used there might be terribly cheap only prioritising their durability: namely, alloy.
    Generally speaking, many people would regard a dentist who can treat teeth with durable metal fillings as excellent doctor. We do not think that many patients are provided with enough knowledge of the materials used for their treatment. Some types of alloys contain heavy metals such as palladium and amalgam, which are said to do harm to the human body. First of all, we will focus on prevention of cavities, but if a cavity is formed, we will treat it with as little pain as possible. After treatment, we will help you to keep it in good condition. Your teeth are treated with materials ‘kind’ to your body.
  • Q2. Is it possible to be treated under health insurance?

    We will do our best to choose a lower-cost method in order to reduce your cost. However, in case materials that are unlikely to strain your body are used, it is highly likely that you will have to pay at your own expense in the current medical health insurance system in Japan. Exceptionally, if your tooth root is treated or in case your treatment can be covered by the Japanese health insurance, after full consultation, we can provide health insurance medical treatment.
  • Q3. Is it possible to receive treatment intensively without visiting the clinic many times? I cannot come to your clinic that often because I am living far from there.

    Yes, it is. Usually, at the first visit to the clinic, we check your oral and dental condition and give you consultation and explanation about your treatment. After you are fully satisfied with them, we start the treatment at your second visit. However, if you live far from the clinic, please contact us in advance. As long as you are happy with the content of our treatment, we can spare a substantial amount of time for your treatment. In such cases, we would be grateful if you would contact us at your earliest convenience, and no cancellation would be appreciated.
  • Q4. It is possible to ask for consultation or to make an appointment via E-mail?

    Unfortunately, booking through E-mail is not available because it is required to know your oral condition on the phone. As for consultation via E-mail, we can give you some advice, replying to your messages. However, taking into account that your oral condition changes from time to time, we could give you only a minimum amount of advice. We would strongly recommend that you come to our clinic in person and ask for advice after full examination.
  • Q7 In your clinic, is there any implant treatment available?

    We are afraid that we do not practice implant treatment.
  • Q8. Why don’t you practise implant treatment despite that titanium used for this treatment is said to be harmless to the human body?

    Our concept is ‘treatment kind to body’. It is true that there are a number of advantages of dental implants as long as implant surgery is successful with respect to your mouth only. Compared to fake teeth, you can bite properly as if your own teeth. In addition, your healthy teeth next to the tooth to be treated do not have to be drilled, different from the case of a bridge. We admit that implant treatment is beneficial in this respect.
    However, what if we look at this holistically?
    The dentist cuts your gum and drill a hole in the jaw bone.
    After that, a bolt is screwed. The treated area is subject to the powerful impact of bite force because the periodontal ligament (or membrane) is lost; in a way it is a shock absorber that lies between the natural teeth and the bone. It is said that this may strain your jaw in the end.
  • *The coverage of insurance varies depending on each country, and therefore, we would be grateful if you ask your insurance company directly about it.